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d Off Queens Road.

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d Off Queens Road.

Does anyone recognise this street?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1954


Hi There,

Was there a ventilation tower of some underground establishment of sort at the back, the dark gray one with a stepping top?  Usually the Pawn shop should give some good clues but I could not recall or find any Pawn Shops called Wing Cheung online.  May have to dig deeper later. On the other hand, the flower stalls looked familiar.


Hi T, thanks for your comments.

I think that the tall building just visible in the background looks to be on land slightly higher up than the very busy street. The crowds of people all seem to be more or less on the level, so was the photograph taken looking South from maybe Queen’s Road, but more likely Des Voeux Road as the streets running South off Queen’s Road would be steeper?  Best wishes, Andrew

I think the flower stalls are on D’Aguilar Street. The man with the pole is on Wellington Street crossing from west to east. Should tie-in with other photos in the series.

Thanks Moddsey.  Yes, D'Aguilar Street would seem to be a very good match, especially as, at the top of the photogrph, the rather mottled appearance suggests the lower slope of Victoria Peak. Queen's Road Central would not have provided such a close view so I agree that the man with the pole was very likely on Wellington Street and not Queen's Road. It is definitely in the area where Robin, and the many of us, would have explored in the 1950s.  Regards, Andrew