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The race course and behind it St Margaret's Church, with Wang Fung Terrace at centre top and the pagoda of the Tiger Balm Garden at top right.  What is the structure above the church and to its left?  Is it a road supported on pillars as it climbs a hillside?(Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


I think it is Link Road that connects Happy Valley with So Kun Poo.

It looks very steep - or is that just an illusion?  Andrew

thHi There,

That would seemed to be a raised private road to the then Pui Kiu Middle School.  The school had moved to Chai Wan while the site had been redeveloped, but the road still exist.

Link Road started at the pass down towards Caroline Hill Road, a very short street.  The one running up from Wong Nei Chung  Road along St. Margarent's Church is Broadwood Road, which made an about turn at the pass, the snaked its way towards Tai Hang Road.  The vehicle entrance of the Leighton Hill Towers was also there.


Thank you T.  I'd forgotten how roads were built in almost impossible places!  Andrew