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Aberdeen b.

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Aberdeen b.

Can anyone identify where these small farms were near Aberdeen?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


Hi There,

These two photos are likely in a series.  I suspect this one was also taken somewhere along Peel Rise but this one is closer to the Cemetery, ie, the Tin Wan area.  I remember you could still make out some terraces down the slopes.  If it was indeed Tin Wan, the terrace fields are all gone, given way to the public housing.


Hi. Of the two possibilities I would discount the Red Hill area around the current Ocean Park.  As far as I can remember it was still a remote and probably barren hill so it is unlikely that any of us would have gone there.  As T points out the Tin Wan location probably fits in with the other photograph, both possibly being taken while on a walk down to Aberdeen from the Peak - a much more likely likely thing for him to have done, and one that my wife and I did in 1981. Thanks for the interesting comments. Andrew