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Soldiers on Connaught Road (but exactly where and when?)

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Soldiers on Connaught Road (but exactly where and when?)

Not sure if this photo already exists here, so allow me to continue ...

Connaught Road and Soldiers Marching c.1930

Caption from photo source: “這是1927年省港大罷工後派來香港的軍人,地點是干諾道西夾威利麻街, 遠處是東邊街口, 樓柱可見「香港仔街坊汽車停車 .. 」, 前往香港仔的巴士由此處開出.”

[Translation: 1927 (photo) following Hong Kong’s general strike* (showing) “English” soldiers sent here (in response). The location is on Connaught Road West at Wilmer Street. The distant street corner (background) is Eastern. Shophouse column says bus to/from Aberdeen is at this spot.**”]

(water’s edge was to the right and camera looking west.)

The discussion that follows on the source page questions the location of the vantage point, and suggests that it was more to the east close to Connaught Central and Pedder and that the photo was taken in about 1930; and also (?) near the then 皇家碼頭巴士總站 (Royal Pier and bus terminal). I think the buildings there were more western than the ones shown here.

* About the strike -

**The next shophouse in this photo is Wing Sing Lung – a shop I seem to have seen in another photo that is closer to Connaught Central.

Photo source: – post #154 by user almok -


I have seen the above photo before. A similar photo exists here dated 8 April 1927 taken from the same vantage point. My understanding is that the deployment of troops and sailors were for the unfolding events and civil war in China. The bus sign reads "Aberdeen Motor Buses Stops Here".

Thank you moddsey for the reply.  I will keep the main page as is so that subsequent comments will flow logically.  If the vantage point was on Connaught Road West, I have a personal interest because that's where I walked from "Sham Shui Po" ferry pier to visit my grandfather's work place in the 1950s, though shop names would not have remained the same.  Regards,  Peter 

I think the above photo was produced by Mee Cheung (Photo Dealer). I have looked at other photos taken from the same vantage point of the passing parade of marching bands and other military units/personnel circa 1928. I think the parade was related to the King's Birthday Celebrations that took place on 3 June. The march-past took place in front of the saluting dais on the waterfront at Connaught Road Central. The military parade would then continue west on Connaught Road and march along the normal parade route of Hillier Street, Bonham Strand and Queen's Road Central. Althought the above view looks like being on the waterfront, I am not sure now based on the parade route taken. An address for the shophouse(s) to the road would certainly help.

Greetings, and most grateful moddsey for your research!  It makes sense to locate the Aberdeen bus  stop close to the main ferry pier(s) on Connaught Central. I can’t think of a good reason to march  on Connaught West, and spectators there would have risk falling into the water.  As for the purpose of this parade, I need to read with caution what’s on the Internet. Regards, Peter

Followed up on the parade. Nothing to do with official parades. In January and February 1927, regular route marches were made on Hong Kong Island from Central to Eastern and/or Western Districts. The march by the Navy in full gear was on 21 February 1927. The route passed through Central and Western districts and concluded at the Cenotaph. See here 

Your photo appears in the HK Telegraph dated 26 February 1927. A contributor on flickr has identified the location as the junction of Connaught Road West and Wilmer Street. See here

Thanks you moddsey for confirming the place and date.  Regards, Peter