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New Territories 1952.

New Territories 1952.

Judging by where access was relatively easy in the 1950s by bus or train, I wonder whether this was on the Castle Peak road or even heading further over towards Taipo Market?  It doesn't look like the road between Shatin and Taipo Market.  That huge house might be a clue? (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


This is Tuen Mun. The building is called the Morrison Building. It's still there but part of a school now, I believe.

Thank you Phil. I cannot find a pin for the building on David's map and I am not sure where the building is in Tuen Mun. Are you able to add a pin so that I can make the link?  Thanks in anticipation Andrew

Hi Andrew, I've created a place. I had forgotten it is a gazetted monument but there is currently no public access as far as I know. Cheers Phil

Thank you Phil.  I didn't realise that other people could add the pins.  That will save me a lot of worries!  Best wishes, Andrew