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Wanchai Hennessy Road

Wanchai Hennessy Road

I wonder whether this is a commercial print. The tram track and buildings might help to identify the exact location.  (Andrew S)

Thanks to Thomas for his more precise identification.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1959


Hi There,

If this photo fallows the Hennessy\Yee Wo Street one, this would likely be Percival Street.  The right hand side has a billboard of a Cinema, and Percial street was that wide, before the footbridge was built.


Well spotted, Thomas.  I think that the photographs were probably taken close together.  Andrew

The New York Theatre completed in 1955 at the junction of Hennessy Road and Percival Street would most likely be the theatre on the right with the curved canopy. See here 

But that would make both photos of the general area to be dated around 1955.

Hi Thomas, I have blundered!  These two photographs on Hennessy Road were taken by MICK GREEN who was in Hong Kong 1959-61, so the New York cinema is fine.  Sorry to cause the confusion.  I added one or two images from several colleages to the All Others sub gallery and forgot that the last two were Mick's.  Thank you for seeing a date problem which made me do a double check on the names. I have corrected the author names for these two. Regards, Andrew

No doubt it is the Percival-hennessy junction looking west. The signs of 永生大藥行 and 永華湯火露 are the same as in the other photo showing the same place (https://gwulo.com/atom/36381). According to 1958香港年鑑 p699, the address of 永華藥行 headquarter  is  hennesy road 481 second floor.  You can't miss it, there are 3 big signs "永華湯火露" in this picture. There is another big sign on the top floor not in this picture but in the other one.