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Temple entrance maybe

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Temple entrance maybe

Translations anyone? From the large circular lanterns(?) at the top I wonder whether this was outside one of the temples, maybe the Man Mo on Hollywood Road?  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


Hi There,

It is a temple entrance.  But 朱立大仙 is not well known.  Googled it and at this moment, only three existing temples has a shrine for this minor diety of the sea.  i am not familiar with this.  Googled it and there are information saying 朱立大仙 is mostly being worshipped by fishermen folks.  Thus I have no idea of the location.  But if that particular day trip was in Kowloon somewhere in Cheung Sha Wan, there is a Kwan Tai Temple that has a shrine for this diety today.


Hi Thomas,

Ewart was stationed at the Lye Mun camp for some time.  I'll shortly upload several photographs that he took there and around Shaukiwan. I recall that there was, and probably still is, a small temple in Shaukiwan that was presumably for the fisherfolk.  I think that would be a likely location Thanks for all the other comments.  I'll respond to them ASAP. Andrew

I have just looked at a Google Earth image of the Tin Hau temple in Shaukiwan and I suspect that it is the one that Ewart saw in 1952.  It is a small temple that fits the bill, and he definitely had a good look round Shaukiwan while living at the Lyemun camp. (Andrew S)