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Spider's Web Discotheque

Spider's Web Discotheque

Address: Peking Road, Alpha House, Flat E1, Mezzanine Floor (opposite the President Hotel).

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1975


Could this be a predecessor? Or was this one located at Mary Building next door?

Playboy Cabaret 1980
Playboy Cabaret 1980, by Klaus

As seen here Googling 69 Peking Road gives the Metropole Building.

Hi moddsey, thank you for this information and link. I'm now quite sure that the Playboy Cabaret was in the Universal Commercial Building and not the Metropole as this is number 57. I created a place for this building. I also think I've seen the photo in your link on Flickr, will try to find it.

Regards, Klaus