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Greetings.  From the look in the other photos, the farther support column sits next to and inside the yard wall.  I cannot tell how far down it extends.  The column in the foreground is very strange load-support-wise.  It rests on what appears to be a bracket fastened to the yard wall.  Regards,  Peter 

Hi there,

If my observation was correct, the back alley is on the same level of the front side of Tai Pak Terrace.  You may take a look through Street View.   In my previosu messages I mentioned a rebuilt may be in place but paused.  I believe the original buildings in the area had had wooden stair cases, and maybe even wood floors.  From the photos taken yesterday, there are clues that the floor\roof may have been concrete.  

I suspect during the rebuilding process, they may just have preserved the facede and rebuilding everything at the back.  For these kind of houses, the Kitchen is always at the back, away from the living area.  The bracket you mentioend may be for pouring concrete.  But concrete could not drive up there....... 

In the early 1970s, one of my classmates lived on the 2nd floor in one of these builgings in Leighton Road.  The Kitchen was way back with a narrow corridor linking up with the livving\dining room, which actually is something like a bridge along the wall.  They even have a courtyard like area on the ground floor which opened up skywards.  Similar setup could still be observed if you go to Lui Sang Chun in Lai Chi Kok Road.


Greetings, and thank you Tom for the feedback.  I also like looking at your recent photos of shophouses.  Regards,  Peter