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Sek Kong Centurian tank.

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Sek Kong Centurian tank.

David remembers how the tanks churned up the roads!

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1961


According to Army Records on Wikipedia the following Tank units were in Hong Kong in 1961. The normal tour was 3 years. Often a unit like 16/5th Lancers would provide a squadron to bring another unit (17/21 Lancers) unit up to full strength for an overseas and/or operational tour. I was in Hong Kong at the time & in 1961 (aged 11) & watched the Centurion tanks trundle past Gun Club Barracks for the Queens Birthday parade. The tanks were based in the New Territories at Sek Kong but I was told that they had to be brought, under their own power & very slowly, to Kowloon for the parade.

Royal Armoured Corps/Cavalry in Hong Kong