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Again, David places it in Kowloon.  Is it the West end of Middle Street? (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1961


Yes, it is the western end of Middle Road, The Cecilia Beauty Salon stood at the corner of Middle and Hankow Roads. Here is the view on Hankow Road.

Thank you Moddsey!  You have probably sorted out my old memory of this spot.  It would seem that Tkachenko's restaurant at 3 Hankow Street, where I enjoyed a huge T bone steak in 1958, was probably next door to the Cecilia Beauty Salon.

Another interesting link is that I see on the photograph that you provide, showing the Cecilia Beauty Salon from Hankow road, I immediately recognised that long, low buildng and the tree, which as you say were behind the old Y.M.C.A.building.  They both feature on a photograph taken of Ewart Hunt in 1953 that I shall shortly add to his currently empty sub gallery in the 367 Associatiion gallery.  A year or so ago, I asked Rob Weir what that building with the small high windows on Ewart's photograph was, and we thought that it might have been stabling associated with the occuption of the Peninsula Hotel by the Japanese.  When I have finished David Green's gallery, I'll skip a few members and upload Ewart's photographs so that you can see his photograph.  It's quite tricky for my old brain to keep track of all these images!  Andrew

Hi Moddsey, another link. This photograph ties in nicely with 'Rickshaw David's ride' - just above it in the same gallery, whcih was taken in the same place on the Hankow/Middle road junction.  It also features on Ewart Hunt's photograph that I'll add very shortly. David and his pal clearly 'borrowed' that man's rckshaw and he must have taken the photograph of them. Andrew