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Cave below Eucliffe.

Cave below Eucliffe.

I took this photograph through the chain link fence a few feet from the promenade.  It is not immediately below the site of the Eucliffe castle but a hundred yards or so to the South.  The cave protected several survivors of the massacre that took place on 22nd December 1941.  In it they would not have been visible from either the cliff top or anywhere towards the beach.  I sometimes wondered how they had survived fallng down the cliff but anyone visiting the site will see that it is a very steep slope rather than a verticall cliff.

The photograph below probably dates from the 1930s.  It looks as though the cave was larger then and during the war.  I suspect that by the time I took the photograph in 2003 cliffs falls had reduced its size, although so much is now hidden by vegetation it might not have changed.

Repulse Bay cave
Repulse Bay cave, by Andrew Suddaby
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, December 1, 2003