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Chai Wan squatter huts.

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Chai Wan squatter huts.

I think that these were just below the Cape Collinson road.  In 1958, I took two photographs from above while  standing on the Cape Collinson road.  Then, the hillside was still cultivated on terraces.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1961


Most probably it was the demolished Tai Ping Village. I had been there in 1973 when I was working in the Chai Wan Sub-office of Eastern District Office. Last year I spent some time researching its old site when I tried to pay tribute to my teacher who was buried up on the cemetery above Cape Collinson Road.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for the comment.  Where in Chai Wan was the Tai Ping village.  Was it below the Cape Collinson Road or below the Tai Tam road?  Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Not below Tai Tam Road but below Cape Collinson Road. But Cape Collinson Road is very long. Find the Chai Wan Sheung On Street Bus Terminus first. Opposite it towards the hillside is Wing Ping Street next to Sun Tak House (390 Chai Wan Road) . Enter Wing Ping Street and turn left at the second junction which is San Ha Street. Between the basketball court of  Precious Blood Secondary School and Caritas Social Centre,there is a flight of steps up the slope. Walk up and turn left, you will find a footpath and all this hillside actually is the former site of the demolished Tai Ping Village. A temple still exits here. 

Alan Chi Lop