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Wanchai street.

Wanchai street.

Is this another view of the Hennessy Road Wet Market in Wan Chai? Thomas commented on a similar phortograph in Bruce Deadman's gallery. (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1958


Those who lived in Wanchai in the 1960s called it the Lockhart Road Market. Chinese name : 駱克道街市.

Thanks Raymond.  Would you be able to put reasonably accurate pins on Lockhart Road and Luard Road for the market and the chow stalls?  I can then add a map link to the photographs.  Andrew

Greetings, and hello Andrew.  David's 1957 map - https://gwulo.com/node/35960#17/22.27899/114.17452/Map_by_OSM-1957_HK/100  - shows a picture of fish and vegetables on Lockhart Road between Fleming and Stewart.  It might help for some of your photos in that neighbourhood.  Regards,  Peter

1960s Wanchai Open Market
1960s Wanchai Open Market, by Moddsey

Thank you Peter and Moddsey.  I didn't realise that placing accurate pins on the new map could be done by initially inserting them in the correct location on my old 1957 map!  have now located a red pin on the fish and vegetable symbol on the latter map and see that it is correctly shown on the modern map. I now need to check many of my previous posts to see whether more accurate pinning can be achieved via use of the 1957 map - to which my ageing memory better relates!  Best wishes, Andrew

From the B/W photo, I noticed that there was a new building erected just behind the open market. Yet there was not in the colour one. So if the colour photo shows the 1960s, the B/W one couldn't be taken in 1958!

Noted. The date of the 1960s photo is only an approximate. By chance, it could be older than the B/W photograph.