Part of Palm Villa - RBL 144 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Part of Palm Villa - RBL 144

Part of Palm Villa - RBL 144


My coordinates for this circular construction are roughly ...

22.2289282, 114.2181845

Not quite get the point that if Pacific View is on the previous ground of Palm Villa, then why is the marker on the map drifted so far apart into the area of the American Club? Does it mean that the area of the Villa used to stretch that far?

The marker has definitely moved. I suspect something has changed on the google maps side of this to move the marker so far out of place, because I am certain Annelise didn't place it incorrectly originally.

I have also been having my own issues recently with the accuracy of placed pins - especially in locations away from recognised roads. Perhaps google has managed to introduce a bug into its mapping system?

Do you place it by dragging the marker, or just enter the coordinates? 

It seems to me that the latter works better.