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Chai Wan plane crash site.

Chai Wan plane crash site.

Colin added the following note to his photograph.  Relating to the crash on Mt Parker, Colin told me that he and other R.A.F. personnel were sent up the mountain to look for survivors.

'Chai Wan re-settledment area.  Mt Parker, 1700ft, is in the background.  The aircraft crashed at *, 1600ft.  There were 15 dead with 1 survivor - the only person to survive out of 6 air crashes on Mt Parker since World War Two. Total lives lost about 200.'

I have found more details: On 18 April 1961 a holiday in Hong Kong ended in tragedy when 15 people - servicemen, their family members and aircrew - were killed after the Douglas DC-3 plane that they were flying in crashed into Mount Parker at around 1810 hrs. The plane, a Douglas C-47D, serial number 43-49014 first flew in 1944.  There was 1 survivor and the plane was written off.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, April 18, 1961