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28 Squadron Flying Horse bar and junk

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28 Squadron Flying Horse bar and junk

This clip from either Flight or Aeroplane magazine appears to indicate that the Flying Horse bar was at Kai Tak.

Cannot find the actual paper edition at the moment.

mentioned earlier on https://gwulo.com/atom/31585

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, June 15, 1950


Thanks for sight of the photos.

The photos of the junk and the Flying Horse bar come from an article that is available in Flight Global dated 4 October 1957 as seen here

The article mentions that 28 Squadron was initially based at Kai Tak but moved to Sek Kong in 1950. The Squadron returned to Kai Tak in June 1957. I think at Kai Tak, the building that housed the Officers' Mess would have been the likely location for gatherings. I note the hut reference number 187 in the above photo.


In Flight International dated 11 October 1962 regarding aeronautical inn signs, the following is mentioned:

"At Southmead, The Pegasus was, as I am told, named after the Bristol aero-engine though the signboard is the winged horse of Greek legend. Incidentally, when 28 Squadron was based at Sek Kong on the edge of the Bamboo Curtain, their Nissen-hut mess bore this same sign - making it then the farthest flung pub in the RAF."