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Empire Fowey.

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Empire Fowey.

Like several other troopships, the Empire Fowey was originally a German passenger vessel, the Potsdam, engaged in voyages to the Far East..  She was taken over as part of the 1945 war reparations and ntil 1960 she acted as one of the many British troopships. On at least one occasion she was heavily criticised for the poor accommodtiona and food available to other ranks.  Commissioned officers appeared to do much better.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1958



I have been searching for a photo of the Empire Fowey because it was the vessel that brought my mother Ruby from HongKong to the UK in 1950. I would appreciate it if I could copy this photo to use in my research. Is that possible?


Ken Alarakia-Charles

Hi Ken,

The image is actually a postcard and not a photograph, so there is probab ly no reason why you should not copy it.  If you want a higher resolution image the procedure is to ask the webmaster to forward your request to me.  This will include your email address and I'll be able to send a higher resolution copy to you.

Regards Andrew

Thanks Andrew,


I will see how I get on with a copy.

Stay safe