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Tai Po Market Fu Shin Street

Tai Po Market  Fu Shin Street

Probably taken at the same time as several in my 1957/8 gallery. (Andrew S)

Two more photographs taken by me in 1958/8, both show the basket maker's shop on the left of Bruce's photograph.

New Territories. Tai Po Market Fu Shin street

New Territories. Tai Po Market Fu Shin street, by Andrew Suddaby

Tai Po Market, Fu Shin Street
Tai Po Market, Fu Shin Street, by Andrew Suddaby
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1958


This is Fu Sin Street in Tai Po Market. The sign on the left was a quilt-maker's. He was there for more than three decades.

Thank you for the identification.  Bruce sometimes joined several of us in explorig places and  there is a very similar photograph in my 1957/8 gallery, so they were almost certainly taken at the same time. I need to check his Tai Po Market photographs against mine, which are all, I believe, pinned onto David’s maps. Best wishes, Andrew


The photo was taken from the very short Shong Tak Street which is at the foot of the steps leading down from the old TP railway station.

Hi There,

Google Street View had not gone through the market, but there are individual 360 degree view photos on Google Maps along the street.  Most of the old hours are gone, maybe except for the Man Mo Temple.  This one is not as well known to tourists as the one in Hollywood Road, but it is not as obscured as the other one in Mui Wo\Silvermine Bay.



Thank you Eva and T.  I have added two of my photographs taken in the same spot in 1958, although looking at the content they were probably taken on a different day. (Andrew S)