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View from Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Home

View from Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Home

Firstly my apologies for the low resolution in this gallery of Ivan's images.  The originals are only about 150kb.  I hope that there is sufficient clarity to see most of the detail.

This is one of the few photograph, taken in a dormitory at the China Fleet Club, that I know of.  Sometimes when the weather was really hot and humid we slept on beds out on the balconeis.  I believe that the police flats building is still there in 2018. Below is a very useful correction from Moddsey..

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


I think that is Caine House, Police Headquarters through the windows. Would this photo be taken from a dormitory window of the Sailors and Soldiers' Home looking across to Arsenal Street?

Hi Moddsey,

Yes, you are right. The building on this photograph is not the same one (still,there?) that was visible across Arsenal Street from the side windows of the China Fleet Club. The one here is much larger and, if I remember correctly, there is a side view of it on one of my own photographs taken from somewhere near the main gate to H.M.S. Tamar.  As you noted on the other one, this photograph too must have been taken from a room at the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Home.  I’ll change the title if it would look better.  I much appreciate the help of you all in providing more accurate descriptions! As I commented previously, it is very difficult being accurate about the photographs taken by others over 60 years ago.  Thanks, Andrew