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Chineesche straat.jpg

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Chineesche straat.jpg

The only thing my grandmother M.G. Marks-Groot had written (in Dutch) on the back of this photo when she sent it home to family in the Netherlands around 1925 was "Chinese street". Unknown where exactly this picture was taken.


I think this may also be Singapore

Can someone advise how I can detele these Singapore posts?

I think David needs to do it

Thanks - hope he does so soon. I feel fairly embarrassed to have uploaded wrong photos but for me here in the Netherlands it's somewhat difficult to see the difference between pics from Singapore and those from Hong Kong I'm afraid ...


Don't be embarrassed, old Singapore photos, while sightly less interesting than old Hong Kong Pictures ;) are always great to see. I am unsure if there is any similar site to Gwulo for Singapore but that city does a much better job of preserving its heritage: there is a good chance that the building in your pictures still exist! I know most of the building on Boat Quay do. Much of the architecture in Singapore is very similar to Hong Kong so unless you have spent a lot of time in both cities it is very hard to tell the difference. I am not 100% sure the buildings are not in Hong Kong, they just look very much like Singapore row houses. It looks like a relative of your journeyed to Singapore to help(?) salvalge that ship so it makes sense that these pictures ended up in a Hong Kong album.