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vehicle ferry.

When were the vehicle ferries last used - or are they still in service to outlying islands? 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1961


There is still a vehicular ferry service from Kwun Tong but it only serves those vehicles considerd too risky to go by tunnel e.g carrying dangerous goods.

I think there are quite a few old vehicular ferries now used by the Bauhinia Harbour Tours. but they have been refitted as floating dining rooms etc

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The one in the photo likely ran between Central and Jordan as its upper deck was for passengers.  The dangerous goods services mentioned by Phil was primarily for fuel trucks for Gasoline, LPG and Kerosine, which are forbidden in any highway tunnels.  Some of the LPG depos have their own vehicle ferry pier close by for such perpose.  One such is in Apleichau and there is a twin piere at Tsing Yi.

The harbour tours appeared to start in the North Point Pier in the evenings.  Full of tourists from the mainland these days.  The HYF used to have a floating restaurant in Wanchai Pier until just before its Frachise was not renewed.


Hi Phil and T

Thanks for the up-date on the vehicular ferries.  On a two week holiday to Hong Kong in August 1981, my wife and I went on a morning and afternoon tour coverintg the Western part of the harbour in the morning and the central and Eastern part in the afternoon.  It included a very nice lunch served in between the two trips.  I'm fairly certain that the boat was a converted Star Ferry boat with an enclosed upper deck that was air conditioned - not a bad thing as I'd forgotten how humid Hong Kong's summer could be. We set off from between the Star Ferry pier and the Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. Quite a few of my 1981 harbour photographs were taken during that trip.  That was the first time my wife had been to Hong Kong and I was pleased to be able to show her around before much of the old Hong Kong that I had known in 1957/8 had disappeared.

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Back then I believe there is only one Star Ferry, The Golden Star, has its forward and aft upper desks air-conditioned.  Not much use of so short a ride though.