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police parade.

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police parade.

I believe that this photrograph of a large military parade was taken in the Hong Kong Stadium. Just about to march past the reviewing platform is a contingent of R.A.F. police dogs and their handlers. From the head-gear of the man taking the salute I think that he is probably Sir Robert Brown Black, the Hong Kong Govenor in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1961


This is in fact a still from the annual Police Review,the salute being taken by the then Governor.

The canine contingent is from the Police Dog Unit,not the RAF Police who featured in the annual Queen's Birthday Parade,along Nathan Road,Garden Bakery to Tsim Sha Tsui, known as the other Long March.

Hi 134,

Thank you for the correction.  Unfortunately, I was not able to check with David Bridgeman so as I suggested my note was based on what seemed a possibility.  I was puzzled because that photograph did not really fit the usual pattern of photographs taken by 367 members. Your comment will correct things but I shall keep the name, 'Police Parade'.  Am I still OK describing it as having been taken at the Hong Kong Stadium?  I guess that there will be many more corrections as I load images that I personally didn't take. Keep your eyes open and I'm sure that you'll find more!

A few more comments for the record ;-

At Government Stadium,HKI.

H.E.Governor on dais,Director of Music in front of Police Band with Silver Band to left and Pipes and Drums to right,Rear rank of men passing to right of H.E are Police Training Contingent (helmets),Beyond flagpole stand an Emergency Unit Platoon (white helmets and shields),Staff Sergeant or Sergeant (Urban)(red sash )to left of centre with similar in rural uniform to rear of dais.Probably a Marine Police contingent second on left with white rifle slings and gaiters.


Thanks for the very comprehensive up-date. Andrew