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Sr St Jean with school kids

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Sr St Jean with school kids

Courtesy Sister Josefina, St. Paul de Charte Convent at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.



Is there any record of the date of this photo? I ask because my father attended St Paul's in 1916-1917 when he was aged 7. I don't recognise him in the row of small boys, but he would have fitted in if the date were right.

Sorry, I have no details about this photograph. It was provided to me by Sister Josefina a couple of years ago. Sister Josepfina is still at the convent.

You might also be interested in touching basis with Mabel Ferreira ( she was also at the school and was mentored by Sister Rita (Sister Jean sister).

Thank you for the suggestion. Would Sister Josefina herself know the date of the photo?

She might. She provided me the photo after I inquired about Sister Rita and Sister Jean (both related to me on the Gardner side of my family). You might want to ask her about any information she might be able to provide about your father.


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Sister Josefina e-mail is

Thank you very much, Roy!