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1948 Bishop's Lodge - Bomb Damaged

1948 Bishop's Lodge - Bomb Damaged

Update: Confirmed to be Bishop's Lodge, Lugard Road

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1948


Looking at a B/W photo here , this may be the bomb damaged building at 27 Lugard Road. This website notes that due to damage during the war, the house was not rehabilitated until 1950.

I don't think its 27 Lugard Road, the architecture does not match. I also think that ruin is beyond rehabilitation, the shock damage would have made it far cheaper/safer just to pull it down. When the picture was sold at auction, the date given for it was 1948. Here is a photo of the same building undamaged, c1918:

Bishops Lodge
Unknown house on Peak, by Herostratus

The windows, verandah on the near right hand corner, chimneys and pediment match. Unfortunately I do not know where it was. Perhaps the road layout will help someone identify it.

Yes, not 27 Lugard Road. Nice comparison, though.

The road curve suggests this is perhaps where 25/26 now stand: https://earth.app.goo.gl/4GCHax

1923 Bishop's House and Lugard Road

1923 Bishop's Lodge and Lugard Road, by Moddsey

The house was called Bishop's Lodge, I have created a place for this generation building here. A couple more photos:

Bishops Lodge is upper centre, the building down and to the right of the other buildings on the peak:

Looking West To The Peak
Looking West To The Peak, by Herostratus

The back of Bishops Lodge:

Bishops House & City from Peak
Bishops House & City from Peak , by Herostratus

The current building, although still called Bishops Lodge, seems to be a post war construction.  Phil has some nice shots of it on his blog here

Bishops Lodge Peak Ruin
Bishops Lodge Peak Ruin , by Herostratus