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Ching Yuen Western Exterior

Ching Yuen Western Exterior

Exterior of the western building facing the courtyard

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, June 17, 2018


Is this the same place as below?

Greetings.  I was able to look at the Google's street view.  Two of the views match well with the other Ching Yuen photos here - the iron gate and the large leaning tree.

This place is remote and isolated.  The street is barely wide enough for one vehicle and some stretches have no safety barriers.  They once had shower and toilet but I wonder if the water was city-supplied.  And sanitary sewer?  My guess is the government does not want it revert back to private residence which would put pressure for housing development and road expansion.  Regards,  Peter  

Hi Phil,

Yes, it is. Sorry, first time posting and I think I messed up how to link pictures to the place.

No problem, I wasn't sure otherwise I would have done it earlier. It's nice to see some photos of it finally. Looks fairly intact still.