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Cinema programme—Cantonese?

Cinema programme—Cantonese?


This may be the cinema that OldTimer recalled in this comment:

I'm not sure if it has its own "place" on Gwulo yet...

Okay, so this is not the Ping On theatre but is the reverse side of the Alhambra programme? 

Yes it is

Greetings.  Ping On is the Cantonese name for Alhambra Theatre - 

The movie Zarak comes with English dialogue, with simultaneous Chinese translation shown on the screen.  The Chinese title of this movie, as in some other foreign movies, is not a direct translation from the English title.  Here, it is about the two characters one male and one female.  And the scene in the poster further gives us more information.

The movie Les Dioboliques is a French horror movie so I think it was presented in French in 1957.  The movie was made two years earlier, so it is interesting to read the last line in the program, up and down and from right to left -  This movie has been shown for four days in (our) first screening, three days in second,  two days in third, all earning support from HK viewers; due to matters related to film borrowed, (we could not alter / extend), now scheduling the fourth presentation, hope that viewers would not misunderstand.  (welcome correction to rusty translation)

Cautionary note to the right - guarantee to make your flesh jump and to instil fear in your heart (popular Cantonese phrase).

Advisory note to the left - after viewing, please do not share its ending with relatives or friends.

This movie is slow at first, then gets interesting and of course terrifying, one of the classic movie collection in the family.  Regards, Peter



Thanks Peter. I should've paid more attention to the Chinese name attached to the "place". :)

You are very welcome, Phil.  Regards. Peter

Hi Oldtimer. Have just upload the centre spread of this programme, Having been told that these programmes were handed out when entering the cinemas regularly.i am surprised this is the only one l have,as people often tell l keep lots of rubbish,on this occasion l am pleased l did! Bryan.

Hi Bryan, not all theatres handed them out.  Some placed them in a wall-attached box at the back of the auditorium.  Regarding the  programme (Zarak - back page) you have just uploaded - -  it has the movie's plot in Chinese, quite a lengthy one.  Victor Mature (1913-1999) was a popular star and I watched a few of his movies including "The Robe / 聖袍千秋".

At the middle of the programme, the movie "The Wrong Man" is being introduced and the top line says "Screening date to come".   On the left, top line - Warners Brothers'  "Giant" will be shown the coming Easter, so the Zarak programme was printed in March 1957 or earlier. 

Regards,   Peter 

During the war years,the Japanese Armies renamed the English name of the theatre as Ping On.

The film "Zarak" was screened at the Alhambra between 6 and 15 April 1957. As indicated in the cinema programme, the films "The Fiends" and "Giant" were subsequently shown in the month of April.

I remember this Cinema well as my grandfather, mum and I would often attend movies there. It had a grand staircase we would descend to very rousing marching music,  post movie. Lovely. 

Thanks for the memory.