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Ricksaws with large wheels

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Ricksaws with large wheels

Greetings.  I have not seen ricksaws with these large wheels.  It must be before my time in Hong Kong, 1940s even earlier?  or the photo taken in some other place?*  If that boat at centre was tied to shore, the bend of the road suggests this could be at/near Pedder Street, as in here - https://gwulo.com/atom/20989/zoom

Source:  uwants.com - post #3321 by user 4rex - http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=14833421&page=222#pid226752249 

* March 10, 2018: For information on photographer, location and date of photo, please see discussions below.


The photo was taken in 1912 by a German photographer, Oswald Lubeck. The pier behind, I think is the wharf of the Douglas Steamship Co. on Praya Central.

Greetings, and thanks moddsey for the real source and location.  The ramps to the water and the pillbox (?) were added later.  The wheels could have been recycled from some type of wagon.  The operator has to turn around to help the rider when lowering the handles, same for starting up.  Regards,  Peter