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On 7 January 2018, I found a stone marker at Kai Kuk Shue 鷄谷樹 in the North East New Territories. 

It notes the year 丁未. 

I wonder which 丁未 year would that be and why?

Paul Tsang 

8 January 2018

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 7, 2018


Hi There,

I believe there is insufficient information.  But villeages in the New Territories shouldn't be too old.  Maybe just about a few hundred years.  If the village is still inhabited and if there are ancestory halls in that village, you might be able to find records of the approximate established date of that particular family there.

QingDynasty history told us there were forced migration (The link is Chinese only) of all villages in East Guangdong  to move inland at least 50 miles (Chinese miles).  The enforcement was lifted in around 1699.  Thus most villages still standing or in ruins would very likely be less than 400 hears old.

On the other hand, I believe the current government had a List of Recognised Villages. (another list from Wiki) This document may or may not help.  If only we could find the village land deeds prior to 1898, but local government back then had collected them all and issued new ones........ 

My 2 cents,