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Dutch East Indies Commercial Bank Dinner Party (back of photo)

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Dutch East Indies Commercial Bank Dinner Party (back of photo)

Dinner party of - most likely - staff of the Dutch East Indies Commercial Bank (aka Dutch India Commercial Bank, the 'Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank') 1920-23 era. No clue what the Chinese text means. 


I hope someone can read & translate the writing as such would may be (hopefully) explain what's on the photo.

I guess the characters written on the back were Chinese and Chinese numbers written in traditional character.

Yes, quite sure they're Chinese. I had hoped they would reveal the subject of the picture but if these are only numbers etc. then they aren't of much use and I'll remove the pic from the website ...

The Chinese character on the left top is 欠[owe in English],the middle top is semi colon,the characters on the left low is 2 号[guess].号 is the simplified Chinese character of 號。2 号 means the second day of the month.

The character in the middle of the back is not Chinese, but a group of characters.The character on the right top is nine,while  others unknown..

The Chinese character on the top right is 十, meaning ten.The other one is unknown.

I guess someone owe another money and this is a guarantee to repay the owed  money later.

Greetings.  I have this wild guess that these words were written before all the dinner guests have arrived, hence Table 2 needs one more chair, and the middle line is similar to the left line but with either 11 or 2 (Chinese) at bottom and subsequently crossed out with an X.  The third line looks like "Tenth Auntie No Words" - someone expected to show up.  Corrections welcome.  Regards,  Peter   

Can the photo be made more clear,so we can guess the Chinese more easy and conclude an educated suggestion!.

The film is missing