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Sky Room at Luna Park, North Point

Sky Room at Luna Park, North Point

On April 15, 1950, my mother, as manageress of the Linen Chest, organised a charity fashion show for the Rotary Club's "Kamp for Kids".


1950 Apr 15 kamp for kids.jpg
1950 Apr 15 kamp for kids.jpg, by Nona


1950 April 15 kamp for kids.2.jpg
1950 April 15 kamp for kids.2.jpg, by Nona


Linen Chest collage.jpg
Linen Chest collage.jpg, by Nona


Kamp for Kids 1950
Kamp for Kids 1950.jpg, by Nona


Kamp for Kids FS pencil sketch.jpg
Kamp for Kids FS pencil sketch.jpg, by Nona

The models whom I could identify ...1. Constance Crew  2. Eva Kilbee  3. Luba Skvorzov (Luba Estes)  4. Irina Smirnoff (Irene Smirnoff Garfinkle)  5. Lila Parks (Lila Melitza Pio-Ulski)  6. Jenny Yatskin (Evgeniya Yatskin)  7. E I Rubin   8. --   9. Irene Nelitina   10. --

I just found another newspaper article about this fashion show and so was able to fill in a couple of more names.  However I can't find Ira Smirnoff's name anywhere.  I wonder if she was a last minute substitute for one of the models?

Kamp for Kids FS.jpg
Kamp for Kids FS.jpg, by Nona


As there were a number of names mentioned, I typed out the article for easy reading ...

Rotary Club Ball in aid of poor children is a success

More than 600 people packed the Sky Room ballroom last night on the occasion of the Hong Kong Rotary Club’s dinner-dance in aid of Kamp for Kids.

Beginning at 8:30 p.m., the affair lasted until 1 a.m. It was described by its sponsors as a huge success.

Excellent floor-shows were provided by the committee and the Sky Room’s well-known entertainer, Miss Luana Alcaniz, sand “El Vaco” and danced a special number called the “Cape Dance”.

A feature of the evening was the Fashion Show – arranged by Mrs Lila Parks, and presented by Linen Chest Limited.

The frocks were specially imported from such well-known houses in America as Fanya Grey, Emma Domb, Susan Lee and Lori Dawson.

“Scenes de Ballet” were announced by Mrs Alison Owens, and the lovely gowns were displayed to the soft strains of music.  Each of the creations were matched the title of a ballet it was supposed to suggest.  The arrangement was perfect.

“Les Papillions”, a tomato-red coin spot organdie frock, was shown by Miss Janet Yatskin. It gave its wearer an air of piquancy, with its full three-quarter length skirt, wide sash and shoulder bows.

“Sleeping Beauty” worn by Miss Irene Nelitina, was a white embroidery Anglaise creation over a tourquose-blue under-skirt. It had a large bow at the back, and a neat Peter Pan collar. The wearer achieved an attitude of demure simplicity.

“Dark Elegy” was a remarkable dress worn by Miss E.I. Rubin. It was made from black nylon netting over taffeta.  Worn low off the shoulders, it had a full skirt with a wide band of pink in contrast. The whole effect was enhanced by a spray of pink and black ostrich feathers in the wearer’s hair.

Other creations included Miss Doreen Walker in “Le Source”, Miss Damaris Smith in “Casse-Noisette”, Miss Evelyn Kilbee in “Coppelia”, Miss Luba Skvortzov in “Swan Lake”, Miss Constance Crew in “Scheherezade”, Miss Dorothy Nelson in “Les Sylphides” and Miss Lila Parks in “Firebird”.

After the fashion show Mr Lai Tung-ming, a magician from Tientsin, intrigued the audience with a series of remarkable tricks. He won large applause.

Miss Cheong Lo, another Luna Park entertainer, evoked stormy applause for several interesting renditions of popular songs.  She was particularly good in the Chinese numbers.

Finally Mr Francis X Cleary rounded out the evening with more singing in his inimitable style.

The Luna Park orchestra provided music, and the surroundings were ideal.

Proceeds  will go to the camp maintained by the Hong Kong Rotary Club for poor children. The camp is one of the Club’s many charitable activities.

Beautifully printed programmes were on sale, and the dinner, at $25 a piece, was rich and ample.

Most Hong Kong Rotarians, foreign and Chinese, were present with their ladies.

Heading the distinguished guests who were present were the Governor of Hong Kong and his wife, Sir Alexander and Lady Grantham.

The Master-of-Ceremonies was Mr Jerry O’Donnell of the Pan-American Airways. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, April 15, 1950