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Typhoon damage at Kai Tak airport (3)

Typhoon damage at Kai Tak airport (3)
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, July 18, 1946


A strong typhoon struck Hong Kong on 18 July 1946. It is noted in Airport of the Nine Dragons that the eye of the typhoon had passed directly over Kai Tak and damaged the nissen huts of HMS Nabcatcher and aircraft that had remained on the ground to ride out the storm. The photo above shows an unserviceable Sunderland aircraft that had one of its engines removed for another aircraft. I think the typhoon was called 'Typhoon Ingrid'.

Thank you, moddsey for the correct date. I found this one, too, at the website of the Hong Kong Oberservatory. I'll correct the date on all three posts.

Regards, Klaus