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This picture (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hale%27s_Tours_of_the_World#/media/File:Hale%27s_Tours_of_the_World.jpg) shows the Hale's Tours of the World. "Hale's Tours of the World were an attraction at amusement parks and similar venues in the early 20th Century. They were specially constructed spaces designed to simulate a railway journey." The Hale´s Tour of the World was shown in Hong Kong in 1906 according to:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hale%27s_Tours_of_the_World

It was also on display in 1912 according to a short notice I found in a German missionary newsletter: "Schwester Sidonie nahm heute ihre Gehilfinnen mit in die Kinematographenvorstellung. Im schaukelnden Bahnwagen sahen sie Teile Norwegens, Dänemarks, Deutschlands usw. an sich vorüberfliegen." (16. August 1912) Translation: "Today Sr. Sidonie (she worked in the Orphanage Bethesda, Bonham Road) took her (Chinese) co-workers to a cinematogarfic screening. In rocking train waggons they watched parts of Norway, Denmark, Germany etc. flying past."


Cannot find references to an earlier date but found a similar connection. It is noted from the 1912 PWD Report that the old Land Office building was licensed for a Scenic Railway. 

HK Telegraph 7 March 1912

Among the novelties to be seen at the bazaar at the Hong Kong University next week will be a scenic railway, which will give all the delights of travelling without any of its concomitant dangers or discomforts. Without disclosing any secret as to how it is worked, the Telegraph can endorse the statement that the railway is the speediest, cheapest and most efficient in the world, while all the thrills are provided for 50 passengers who will be taken each trip on the circular route, which includes Ceylon, the Alps, Brooklyn and many other places too numerous to mention. The mechanical arrangements include an ingenious piece of mechanism to create the rolling sensation of a train rounding a sharp curve, which every device is used to create the impression of speedy travelling while in fact the passengers are stationary the whole time.

HK Telegraph 23 March 1912

The Scenic Railway which was the principal and best patronised side-show at the bazaar held recently in connection with the Univeristy was sold for $10,000. It is proposed that the Railway be re-erected (for viewing) in Hong Kong.

HK Telegraph 27 April 1912

The Scenic Railway will be open to the public from 1 May 1912. It is being fixed up at the old Land Office opposite the foot of D'Aguilar Street. 

1912 Advertisement for the Scenic Railway

1912 Scenic Railway Advertisement
1912 Scenic Railway Advertisment, by Moddsey