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View from the Peak about 1910-11

View from the Peak about 1910-11

Who can time frame these panoramas?



I would date this to 1910-1911 as the reclamation in Tin Hau/North Point looks pretty complete but no sign of any buildings. There is no sign of the Watsons Water factory that opened in 1912.

Probably the 2 panoramic shots were taken around the same time. Holt's Wharf and GPO (3rd Generation) were completed in 1910 and 1911 respectively. Tend to agree the photo was taken around this time frame.

The building in the bottom right of the photo with the twin dome-like structures at the front of its roof appears to be Victoria Hospital which stood above Barker Road which can be seen snaking around the contour below it, disappears, then reappears further away. Considering the relative positions of the Hospital and the Admiralty docks, and that the picture was taken from a height well above Barker Road, I'd say it was taken in the vicinity of Abergeldie and Fung Shui on Plantation Road from where a number of other photos in the Schou-Sorensen collection were also taken.