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Kowloon-New World Centre-construction-aerial-1973

Kowloon-New World Centre-construction-aerial-1973

In 1973, the site of Alfred Holt’s Blue Funnel Line Holt’s Wharf & Godowns site was being transformed into the New World Hotel and New World Apartments.

As in the way in Hong Kong, the New World complex has since been demolished and a new high-rise edifice is taking its place.

The platform for what will be another hotel is in progress at bottom left. A hotel still exists there (Intercontinental?) The names keep changing.

Further back, just visible behind the Sheraton Hotel is the Middle Road government car park. A prominent white landmark in photographs of the area since it was built, and useful as a date aid when determining the age of pictures of the waterfront. This also has been the subject of demolition and site clearance.

Behind that is the Mariners Club whose existence on this site is apparently in doubt due to a lack of seaman laying over in Hong Kong these days. Fast turnarounds of vessels in port and no longer the practise of changing complete crews during voyages requiring interim accommodation provides fewer marine customers.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 15, 1973


I was the CLP engineer in charge of the undeground/basement 11kv network installation for New World and at the same time CLP commissioned a new 132/11kv substation for the specific use of New World. I did not start work there until 1977 or even 1978 and so I cannot believe that the above photo was shot in 1973 which is the year I arrived in Hong Kong. I spent the next 4 years from 1973 as a System Control Manager for CLP at Kwai Chung before the work at New World.