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Great World 大世界 Full View

Great World 大世界 Full View

Great World Theatre [1952-1972].  Given its fresh appearance on the outside, this photo was likely taken in the early 1950s perhaps near opening day.  On the left is the start of Lai Chi Kok Road, and a car garage  was operating at that time and providing car-wash service.  A few times I entered the theatre using the small entrance on the far left partially blocked by the raised car.  Sweet memories.

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Zoom in on the lower middle just above the car, and we see the film's name called Week-End With Fathers.  The IMDb site gives the screening date as 1951, before the opening date of the theatre written here ( 

In response to OldTimer, the Chinese words spread across the facade of the theatre could refer to something about the grand opening, then again it could also be a film's name.

It is also possible that back in the days some western films were shown after a delay, so maybe a late 1951 film was shown in early 1952, validating all the dates cited here.



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In those days, Chinese ads read from right to left and this was the case.  Reading from left to right makes little sense and sounds odd.  My rusty Chinese tells me the second word is door and the last three words mean "for thee (to) open, or open for thee", thee a courteous word to address a man in literature, poems and songs.  The art work below the words shows an actor and actress it appears.

Some western movies come with seven-word title.  In 1953 (about) I watched at Broadway (Mong Kok) Rawhide starring Tyrone Power and Susan Haywood, who were already famous in Hong Kong by then.  I always remember the movie by its Chinese name 無情荒地有情天.  Regards, Peter