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Hongkong - View of the Peak Tramway 1906

Hongkong - View of the Peak Tramway 1906

Text on Flickr: Hongkong. View of the Peak Tramway. The postcard was posted from Hongkong to England in 1906.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1906


2 clues, to say that isn't May Road, but is Magazine Gap.  
1) That's an arch, May Road (and MacDonnell road) bridges have straight sides.
2) the passing place is just above May Road, and this is a long way above the bridge shown.


Hi marlowe,

you are right, it's not May Road Bridge. From the order of bridges, it should the one at Magazine Gap Road. But today the bridge also has straight sides, and not an arch. See here:

Ascending at Magazine Gap Road
Ascending at Magazine Gap Road, by Marcus Wong from Geelong

Was it probably rebuilt later?

Regards, Klaus