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Hi there - was interested to know if my great great grandfathers old house still exists in Hong Kong.  It was called Belvedere House.  I am in Hong Kong this week (12th March 2017) and would like to go for a walk to see where the property was. Thanks. Clive



Hi Clive,

Alas, The Belvedere in your photo is long gone. Here's another old photo in which it appears, dated 1906. It's the bungalow roughly in the middle of the photo, level with the mans shoulders.

Barker Road
Barker Road, by annelisec

There's more info and a modern day version of the 1906 pic at

The 1909 Peak map at shows the location. The current address of the site is 51-61 Plantation Road, now occupied by a modern development. It's an easy walk from the Peak Tram Upper Terminus.