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A wonderful bit of detective work Grace, and many, many thanks.  I think I may have uncovered the name of our annonymous poet.  I have another poem signed by William J. Lee titled Jubilee, 1943, written when he was a POW at Jubilee Camp. I'll try to submit it.

Meanwhile, here's what I've found about William J. Lee: 




Dear John -

After another quick search I think I may have located the poem by William J Lee that you have mentioned, along with another by one J. F. MacGregor, in what seems to be a letter to the editor published on June 11 1972. It's reproduced below, again from the HKU digital archives. The text also mentions his (then) Canadian address. A wonderful, haunting poem. I don't know if this is helpful to you, but I hope it is!

Kind regards

William J Lee Jubilee 1943.jpg
William J Lee Jubilee 1943.jpg, by SCMP, William J Lee

Thank you again, Grace.  As it happens, I have this clipping.  The poem Hong Kong 1941 is in my  book and I'm going to add this Jubilee 1943 as a footnote with a remark that I believe the poet of HK 1941 to be William J Lee. Here's what I've found out about Mr Lee>



Thank you,  John