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The Blue Funnel liners seem to have offered a fairly economical way of travelling on home leave to England. This is a photo of Cicely Warren with her daughter, Diana, on the SS Aeneas, probably on their way back to England in 1928 for my uncle, Leslie's first home leave. The SS Aeneas met a sad fate as follows:

"The British Ocean liner Aeneas SS, Capt. D. L. C. Evans, was in convoy 21 miles S.E. of Start Point on July 2nd, 1940, when she was attacked by German bombers and finally sank on July 4th. As the vessel was the largest in the convoy she received particular attention from the enemy, one bomb passing through the port side and another going down the after cross-bunker trunkway and blowing out the starboard side. This bomb, which exploded deep within the ship, is assumed to have killed nearly all of the engineers and stokers on duty. The number who lost their lives was 19, all crew. Capt. Evans was among the survivors."

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 1, 1928