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Pillbox 426, Shing Mun (2016)

Pillbox 426, Shing Mun (2016)
Suspected Pillbox 426 covered by a squatter hut at Shing Mun.
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, December 28, 2016


You meant that a squatter hut has been built on top of the PB? 

Is your coordinate the same as the one shown on the map on this site?

I just learned from my hiking pal that it's now a ruin with no hut.

When I saw it (1996), it was in the midst of what seemed a larger structure than a hut. No return visits since then.

Maybe "jacksonng" wasn't at the right place.

This morning, my hiking pals are going there to check, will let you know their finding.

Is this the bungalow in your photo?



Some friends of mine have been searching around the place a couple of months ago but found nothing likely to be the pb, maybe it's gone, or the marker isn't at the exact spot.