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Rickshaw & sedan chair

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Rickshaw & sedan chair

Detail cropped from this photo: http://gwulo.com/atom/26560

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1908


Just down from HMS Tamar Gate in 1955 were the Rickshaw boys and their terrificly strong musclular legs, always had those awful varicose veins. The Sedan chair carriers featuring in this marvellous picture have those same varicose veins. I often took a rickshaw ride as a young sailor anxious to get back to Barracks before 11.30 pm which was my latest time ashore for a "UA" ( Under Age ) young man. That is under 20 years old. Over 20's could return by 0730. I could never get used to being 'tipped back' in the rickshaw ( the way one was carried in a rickshaw) as the poor chap, some of them twice as old as I was, running me back to Tamar.