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19 Hing Hon Road Townhouse 01

19 Hing Hon Road Townhouse 01
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Friday, January 1, 2010


According to a plaque on the Summa building, this was 19 Hing Hon Road, at some point owned by the Ng family whose character appears in the window grilles. No. 17 was owned by the Ip 葉 family from which I was told the top floors of the house exited onto Bonham Rd.  That however would put it across the street from 19.

On the 1955 Map the building is indeed numbered No 19; I have updated the names of the pictures and the place. Hing Hon Road was numbered differently to most streets Nos 1-17 were on the South side of the road with No 1 being at the junction of Hing Hon Road and Bonham Road. No 17 was the last house on the South side of the street and there is a staircase that ran down the side of it from Bonham Road, possibly giving access to one of the higher floors. The North side of the road was numbered 18-27 with No 18 being directly opposite No 17 and No 27 abutting St Pauls College to the west. 

Thank you for the information on the numbering.  It makes more sense now especially as to how they were able to access Bonham Rd.  I can't seem to find the 1955 map after searching around for it.  Is it possible to post a link?

Sadly the 1955 map is not online anywhere; copies can be purchased for HKD48 per sheet at the Government Mapping office in North Point. The Sheet for Hing Hong Road is 195-SE-7, modified July 1955. I have posted below the part that contains Hing Hon Road.

1955 Map Hing Hong Road
1955 Map Hing Hong Road, by Crown Lands & Survey Office

Thank-you so much for posting this.  I appreciate it very much.