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Middle Spur Bunker

Middle Spur Bunker


Visited this bunker yesterday, there were lots of garbage inside, most of them were supermarket plastic bags hanging and decomposing on a string tied on the hooks on the walls... Couldn't figure out the purpose of doing this?

How to ascess this bunker

It's just beside the pillbox, though out of sight. I descent to the pillbox from Violet Hill Path. At a junction, there were two small cement markers, one of them has the inscription"HKTC 50m", whereas the other one has quite illegible letters.

By the way, I'd love to know if HKTC stands for Hong Kong Telephone Company or not. The cement plaque isn't something of professional standard comparing to others I've seen in recent decades. I'm wondering if that's a rather old version ... I've also come across a similar one on top of a small masonry bridge on the same day.


Yes, the bunker is connected to the AOP by the trench/path network. I also access via the trail from violet hill, although there is a maintenance trail up from Repulse Bay Road or sometimes the waterworks gate can be skirted or is open at the top of Bellview Road.

I believe it stands for HK Telecom Company