1993 - village near Sha Tau Kok | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1993 - village near Sha Tau Kok

1993 - village near Sha Tau Kok
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, December 28, 1993


This should be Lei Uk 李屋 in Nam Chung

Hello Cliff,

We are a grassroots organization at Nam Chung, Sha Tau Kok and we are working on a community history project to document the life histories of Hakka villagers and the changing way of life in the area. Our website is available here: https://peacenamchung.org (Sorry, no English version available yet.)

Your picture will be of immense value to our work. Middle of November the Nam-Luk Coalition is holding their dajiu festival (organized once every ten years). We would like to request your permission to use the current picture, as well as the one titled 1993 - Starling Inlet in an exhibition scheduled in November, and to publish it in a souvenir pamphlet. :)

Please kindly get back to us at peacenamchung@gmail.com.

Many thanks,