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RAF Sek Kong Airshow-Avro Vulcan-17 November 1978

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RAF Sek Kong Airshow-Avro Vulcan-17 November 1978

The RAF airshow at Sek Kong in 1978 featured a Vulcan delta-wing bomber which must have been a sight to see manouvering within Sek Kong's valley.

Like most of these shows they were rarely publicised unless you were "in-the know". Only to read about them later in the SCMP the next week.

Only last November while wandering around Central district I came across a very large motorcycle and related car event that had attracted those again "in-the-know" as there seemed to be few members of the general public viewing the exhibits. It was in the area of the old Star Ferry concourse, not behind the Mandarin Hotel where there have been similar events over the years.

Again there seemed to have been nothing publicised in the English press before or after the event.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, November 17, 1978


1978 Avro Vulcan at Kai Tak
1978 Vulcan at Kai Tak, by Moddsey
1978 Avro Vulcan Flypast
1978 Avro Vulcan Flypast, by Moddsey


I worked at Kaitak in those days and remember shortly before the plane's departure from Hong Kong, witnessing its bomb bay being loaded up with carved camphor woood chests and other traditional Chinese furniture. I wondered at the time which international squirmish this dangerous cargo was destined to be dropped upon.