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1900s Royal Naval Hospital Entrance

1900s Royal Naval Hospital Entrance

From the caption, appears that a police station was also located at the entrance to the hospital.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1902


I have seen that photo and caption before, but as far as I know the Police Station in Wanchai at that time was further west near what is now Wu Chung House. In 1904 it became the post office and is now an environmental education centre. After 1904, Wanchai Police Station was located at the junction of Johnston Road and Wanchai Road, until it moved to the waterfront in 1936. Perhaps that is the gatehouse of the hospital in the photo, and the caption writer was confused for some reason?

I think you are correct that the photo caption was incorrectly titled. The presence of the Indian guard at the gatehouse may have caused the caption writer's confusion.