Bunker closeup (Tai Tam fork Battery) | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Bunker closeup (Tai Tam fork Battery)

Bunker closeup (Tai Tam fork Battery)

I was walking towards the byewash reservoir up either Mt.Parker Rd or Tai Tam Rd (as it appears on th Gwulo map). I saw these structures on the side of the road going towards the direction of Mt. Parker. There were a cluster of 4 or so bunkers. I also saw a set of stairs running up to the ridge above, unfortunatley, I did'nt investigate up the stairs. 

I cannot find any existing photos of the Battery. So, in short, I do not know if this was the battery or a seperate set of structures. 

Can anyone help?



From the pictures and description, you probably saw the accommodation shelters for Tytam Fork battery of 2 x 3.7" Howitzers. One gun was apparently sent to a forward position on Sai Wan Hill where it was overrun, the second was withdrawn to the defence of Stanley.

If you go up those steps from the shelters, the remains of the battery position lie along the ridgeline. To the right is the toilet block, while to the left are aummunition recesses, gun pits, a couple more shelters and the Anti-aircraft light machine gun (AALMG) pit. The area is heavily overgrown, deteriorated, and generally DIFFICULT to access.

Thanks Rob! I suspected that was the case, great to get confirmation. 

I think I will go to the area again this weekend, see if I can crash around and get some better photos.