Pillbox 009 Aberdeen Praya Road | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Pillbox 009 Aberdeen Praya Road

Pillbox 009 Aberdeen Praya Road

This is a picture snap I took from a film clip titled "Hong Kong, the old Aberdeen in 1962" by Michael Rouge.  The white structure at far end looks very much like a two-hole PB and I guess this could be the PB009.




Hi There,

According to Rob's notes Pillbox 9 sppeared to be west of the dock yards.  In your screen capture it seemed to be in the present day location of the Aberdeen Buss Terminus, which means it is off the maps by quite a block away.

Unable to pin-point what exactly it is in the clip, but I'm more inclined to believe it is part of a boat.



Hi T, Thank you for the correction. It did look more like the present day bus terminal based on the building layout in the background. No luck for PB009...... Freddie

See this Japanese photo with the caption "灘頭防禦第9號機槍堡" (Beach head defence pillbox No 9), downloaded from the Japanese National Institute for Defense Studies.

Old Japanese photo of PB009
Old Japanese photo of PB009, by h9742593