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Across Stanley Beach, 1980

Across Stanley Beach, 1980

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Original title: Chung Hom Kok (舂坎角, Hong Kong), 1980

I made this image from what is now Stanley Ma Hang Park (赤柱馬坑公園), near the current location of Murray House (美利樓). The camera is facing southwestward, toward Chung Hom Kok (舂坎角).

Comment by Penhahk: i believe this is near Chung Hom Kok area, u took this picture from Stanley near Murray House (looked westwards). Nice houses on the hill is still existing. More hints is the pavilion (orange coloured) on right hand side, that is Kwan Yam Temple.

Comment by feirantedotcom: those huts were part of the ma hang pig farming squatter village - i lived on stanley main street and the smells were putrid when the wind was blowing in that direction. now all gone and this area restored.

On top of the hill are houses named "Casa del Sol" (House of the Sun). On the beach today is Murray House and Blake Pier.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, July 14, 1980


Taken from a nearby location as the 1980 one, but 34 years later. The houses on the hill are still (almost) the same, but there's a big change near the beach.

Stanley Beach 2014
Stanley Beach 2014, by Klaus


I don't think the title of this picture should be called Chung Hom Kok at all.  More like 'Across Stanley Beach'.


I met a fellow from a fishing family who grew up on a boat in Stanley. The family were very happy when they got to move onshore into ... an abandoned pigsty.

Retired now, he has a small dinghy stashed along the shoreline in the Stanley area and goes out fishing whenever he can.